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Link G4+ Thunder Engine Management ECU

Link G4+ Thunder Engine Management ECU

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Link G4+ Thunder Engine Management

8x Fuel 8x IGN 2x Knock 1x WB 1x E-throttle / Traction / Cruise

The Thunder is designed for high end applications requiring maximum performance, flexibility and tuning control. The Thunder has more inputs, more outputs and more features than any other Link ECU.

The Thunder has all the features found on other LinkECU's plus onboard 3 axis accelerometer, two EGT thermocouple inputs, two Onboard Lambda Controllers and 2 x E-throttle Controllers.

If it is Direct Injection you are after, consider the Force GDI.


  • Inputs
    16 x Digital inputs (6 are high speed differential type for ABS sensors etc)
    4 x Temperature inputs
    16 x Analog inputs
    2 x Trigger inputs
    2 x Knock inputs
    2 x LSU 4.9 Wideband lambda sensor inputs
    2 x K Type Thermocouple inputs

    8 x Peak and Hold injection drives
    8 x Ignition drivers
    18 x Auxiliary outputs^
    +5V Sensor power supply
    +8V Sensor power supply

    ^unused fuel and ignition drives can be used as additional Aux outputs

    2 x CAN bus
    1x Serial (RS232) connection
    1x USB tuning connection

    Advanced features not found on the Xtreme or Fury:
    2 x Onboard digital wideband lambda controllers, no separate box required. Higher accuracy, simple setup and long sensor life are some of the advantages compared to a separate analog input wideband device.
    2 x Fully programmable E-throttle controls complete with capability of gear shift throttle blip and antilag (for engines with 2 electronic throttle bodies).
    2 x K type thermocouple EGT inputs – direct connection of EGT sensors with no extra interface box.

    Dimensions: 180mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 40mm(H) (without looms)
    Mass: 1060 gram

    What's in the box?
    Supplied with USB tuning cable and mounting bracket.



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