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Mazda MX-5 Mk1/Mk2 Individual Throttle Body bundle including ECU and DCOE manifold

Mazda MX-5 Mk1/Mk2 Individual Throttle Body bundle including ECU and DCOE manifold

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We are pleased to announce our new range of Throttle Body Systems for the Mk1/Mk2 Mazda MX5s.

Using shaft-less AT Power throttle bodies and our ME221 Engine Management System, you have all the right ingredients for some serious N/A power!

This is an ITB kit using AT Power Billet DCOE throttle bodies including air horns, linkage, fuel rail and fabricated aluminium inlet manifold. These feature the AT Power patented Shaftless technology, meaning they will flow more air than a conventional shafted DCOE setup.

The package also includes the ME221 Engine Management which comes as a plug in to the factory ECU case and connects to the existing wiring harness adaptor for the MX5.

Optional extras include new fuel injectors (Pico 330cc), ITG domed air filter, RacingLines 265LP in-tank fuel pump, as well as a throttle position sensor and intake air temperature sensor. We can also supply both RS232 & USB Tuning cables to interface with the ME221 ECU.

A base-map is included with the ECU to get the engine running, but we always recommend rolling road tuning (Motorsport Electronics have over 100 agents across the UK, and any competent rolling road can tune the ME system using the freely available tuning software).

You can also upgrade this to the ME442 ECU which offers the following advantages over the ME221 ECU, just contact us for a bundle quote:

  • On-board Bosch wideband lambda O2 controller (Sensor kit included as part of the upgrade).
  •           On-board real-time-clock and SD card data logging.
  •           Drive-by-wire support.
  •           K-type EGT input.
  •           Accelerometer and Gyroscope


Throttle Body & ECU Packages

Direct-to-head Throttle Body Systems
billet CNC construction| improved airflow | pre-mapped ECUs

We have chosen to pair our engine management systems with the latest billet CNC machines ITB kits from AT Power. High precision, reliable and optimised, patented shaft-less butterflies means up to 7% flow improvement over other ITB systems. Couple this with our ME221/ME442 management systems, plug and play looms and dyno-optimised base-maps means high performance is now affordably in reach.


Billet Construction
Direct-to-head port matching
Shaft-less Butterflies
Pre-Balanced, Fit and Forget

Injectors & Sensors Included
Plug-and-Play Motorsport Looms
Pre-mapped ME221 ECU
Dyno Certified Base-maps

Configurable IO
Advanced Motorsport Features
Plug-n-Play Loom Options
Powerful MEITE Tuning Suite


Our full ITB kits include everything needed. A pre-mapped ME221 Engine Management system, injectors, sensors, fuel pressure regulator and labelled, click-and-start engine management wiring harness.


Our systems can be provided with optional Bosch 330cc Injectors – good for around 250bhp. If you’re engine is expected to have higher power outputs, we also offer upgraded 600cc injectors.


With support for either narrow-band or wide-band (external controller needed) lambda feedback, as well as long term trimming, the ME221 offers the ability to pass standard EU/UK emissions testing with ease – something which can be of concern if your build is pre-IVA.


The ME221 comes equipped with full closed loop mappable VVT control. From the simple on/off system such as Honda V-TEC, through to the continuously variable system as used by the Ford ST170 engine. Optimised camshaft timing helps to deliver a smoother, higher torque curve across the rev-range.


If wiring isn’t your thing, you’ll be please to know our ITB systems are complete with a choice of loom options, including harnesses for common four cylinder engines such as the Ford Zetec, Duratec, and ST170, through to a range of offerings from Vauxhall, Peugeot and VW. Each loom is machine crimped, tension and electrically tested, then finally heat shrunk, sleeved, and labelled – all carried out by an ISO:9001 certified partner.


Our throttle body systems include BOSCH Intake Air Temperature and Coolant Temperature sensors (using M12x1.5 threads), as well as a Throttle Position Sensor designed to mount directly to the throttle bodies. Generally, you would use your OEM crank/cam sensors & factory coil pack for ignition – though these can be supplied if required.


Getting the best idle on throttle bodies can be hard – especially as there usually isn’t an idle valve to add air when the engine is cold (this can be added though!). To aid with warm-up and general idling, our maps take advantage of the ME221’s advanced spark scatter algorithms to deliver as good an idle as possible, even from cold start.


Launch Control, 2-Step Limiters, Water Injection, Flex Fuel & Anti-Lag are just a few of the advanced featureset of the ME221 – all included, all unlocked. And with more features added over time via free, in-field firmware updates, the list is ever growing…


Change between two complete sets of fuel, ignition and boost maps on the fly – offering a choice of wet/dry or pit lane strategies – at the flick of a switch..


Although no replacement for a hands-on tuning session, the MEITE tuning software features an easy to use auto tuning system that will target and adjust the VE table such that the AFRs match your target fuel table. This is something you can do with the laptop connected – however, the ME221 also features ‘long term trim’, which, if enabled, will populate a 16×16 table showing recommended adjustments to your fuel table when you next connect to the ECU – with updates happening even without your laptop connected, just like many OEM ECUs…


The Motorsport Electronics Integrated Tuning Environment, or MEITE, for short, is a powerful, flexible Windows tuning interface for working with our range of ECUs. Fully customizable layouts and interface, allowing the novice to play with just the basics (starting from one of our many base-maps), or the advanced tuner to really get under the hood, the options are there…

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