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Bosch 870cc High Flow Injectors 34mm-60mm

Bosch 870cc High Flow Injectors 34mm-60mm

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Bosch 870cc Injector

Injector tip: xT 24mm
O-ring top: 14mm Viton
O-ring bottom: 14mm Viton
Body diameter: 16mm
Impedance: 12 ohm
Spray pattern: Conical (30 degrees)
Spray angle: Neutral (0 degrees)

Connector: Bosch JPT EV1 Minitimer Jetronic

- Click here for JPT connectors

Length: 33.6mm - EV 14C (Compact) Use top and bottom adapter to get 60,65mm EV 14L (Long)

- Click the links bellow for injector extensions to bring the overall length from 34mm to 60mm. You will need 1 top and 1 bottom extension for each injector.




E85 / M100 compatible and can handle other standard fuels due to the stainless internal parts. ATTENTION! If the injector is to be run on methanol, it must be run through with regular fuel after use. These injectors must not be in contact with methanol over more extended periods.


Engine power Turbo
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 115hp (115x1)
4cyl - 460hp (115x4)
5cyl - 575hp (115x5)
6cyl - 690hp (115x6)
8cyl - 920hp (115x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 99hp (99x1)
4cyl - 396hp (99x4)
5cyl - 495hp (99x5)
6cyl - 594hp (99x6)
8cyl - 792hp (99x8)

Engine power N/A
Petrol 10% margin
1cyl - 149hp (149x1)
4cyl - 596hp (149x4)
5cyl - 745hp (149x5)
6cyl - 894hp (149x6)
8cyl - 1192hp (149x8)

Ethanol 10% margin
1cyl - 124hp (124x1)
4cyl - 496hp (124x4)
5cyl - 620hp (124x5)
6cyl - 744hp (124x6)
8cyl - 992hp (124x8)

Flow matching
These injectors are shipped with factory tolerances unless you choose to have them flow-matched. We always recommend flow-matching before delivery. Factory tolerances of the injectors differ, and you have to run them unmatched with wider tolerances or compensate for this when tuning the engine management system. How much they differ from the factory continuously varies.

Flow-matching is done with our top equipment when you add this option! In addition, we include documentation and certificates with your new injectors.

Bosch Motorsport

Shipping & Returns

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