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ECU Master

ECU Master Black Standalone ECU

ECU Master Black Standalone ECU

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If you are unsure which ECU is right for you, please message us, we specialise in motorsport electronics and wiring so you can be sure we know exactly what is right for you. It is super easy to overspend on an ECU or underspend and cost yourself a fortune in required add on accessories. Use the contact forum or chat box!

ECU Master Black

ECU Master EMU Black is a highly advanced and modern engine management system that can control both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines in sequential up to 6 cylinders or waste-fire up to 12 cylinders.

EMU Black has built-in support for CAN-BUS, EGT, DBW (E-Gas), sensors, broadband lambda and much more


ECU Master EMU is very stable and very easy to calibrate and navigate. In addition, updates are regularly updated with new features and improvements.


Technical details:

-6pc injectors outputs (5A)
-6pcs AUX outputs (6A)
-6pc Ignition outputs - for passive or active coils, configurable (15A)
-4pc stepper motor outputs - bipolar / unipolar (6.5A)
-1 CAN-BUS channel (CAN 2.0B)
-1 serial output
-2 EGT inputs
-2 pcs knock sensor inputs < br /> -1 built-in broadband lambda controller for Bosch LSU 4.2 or 4.9 sensor.
-1 Flexfuel input
-Built-in map sensor 400kPa
-Built-in bar sensor
-4pcs digital trigger inputs for VR / HALL sensors - (1st crank position sensor, 2 cam position sensors, 1 speed sensor)
-Support for VANOS, VVTi and other variable cam systems (controls up to 2 individual cams)
-Advanced setting for "paddle shift" and "gear cut"
-3 dedicated analog inputs for TPS , CLT, IAT
-Built-in "Drive By Wire" support, for dampers.
-6 analog inputs (0-5V) for eg oil pressure, fuel pressure, oil temp etc.
-3 specific switches for e.g. launch control, flat shift etc.
-Waterproof and dustproof IP67 enclosure
-Supports 1-6 cylinders sequentially. Can control up to 12 cylinders.
-Max 16000rpm
-Injection time resolution is 16us
-The ignition resolution is 0.5 °
-Nail detection 1-20 kHz
-Speed ​​Density, Alpha- The N-algorithm
-VE table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.1% VE
-The ignition table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.5 °
-AFR table is 16x20 squares, the resolution is 0.1 AFR
-Very advanced fuel algorithm based on actual volumetric efficiency
-Fully calibrated ignition coil / ignition coil time
-Fully calibrated IAT, CLT & lt; br / & gt; -PID idle control strategy
-Cheap pressure control
-Nitro control
-Aux outputs for fuel pumps, fans etc.
-Fully adjustable settings for start control, shift light, flat shift (shift) and much more.
-Advanced logging of over 100 parameters with a resolution of 25Hz
-Safety functions to ensure motor functionality.
-USB communication directly to the computer
-User-friendly software with free firmware upgrade

Tablet and Bluetooth support


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