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Link ECU Remote E-Throttle Module (RET)

Link ECU Remote E-Throttle Module (RET)

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    Link Remote E-Throttle module (DBW)

    Link's external E-throttle (Drive by Wire) module works with all Link's G4X ECUs (except the entry level AtomX), plus all G4+ ECUs (Storm and above) to give you full control of your throttle setup, allowing a faster more precise throttle response.
    Replace your old mechanical throttle linkage with an advanced electronic throttle module. E-throttle is faster responding, requires less maintenance, gives you better fuel economy and lowers emissions.

    The Remote E-throttle module is designed to be used with any Link G4X ECU (except the entry level AtomX) and any Link G4+ ECU (Storm and above). It is most commonly used to provide e-throttle control to the MonsoonX, StormX or PlugINX ECUs or secondary E-throttle control to the XtremeX or FuryX ECUs.

    Wiring Diagram (Example)

    The external electronic throttle control module can be wired as in output interface for ECUs that do not support electronic throttle control internally.

    The module requires three auxiliary outputs from the ECU. Signals '1' and '2' control the output drive signals from the module and 'Enable' signal disconnects power from the internal electronic throttle drive.

    Signal 1 must be connected to the first Auxiliary in the selected pair.
    Signal 2 must be connected to the second Auxiliary in the selected pair.
    Enable must be connected to the selected E-Throttle Relay Auxiliary.
    The power for the device needs to come from the main relay. Power should ONLY be present at key on

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