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Tenaci Motorsport BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 S54 Twin Plate Clutch Kit 7.25" 184mm

Tenaci Motorsport BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 S54 Twin Plate Clutch Kit 7.25" 184mm

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Tenaci Motorsport BMW M50 S50 M52 S52 M54 S54 Twin Plate Clutch Kit 7.25" 184mm

The Tenaci Motorsport range of clutches are unquestionably the best the best in the business with drivability, longevity, reliability and performance exceeding anything else on the market today.

Complete 184mm Twin plate clutch kit for BMW M5X S5X engines.


Tenaci 184mm 1250NM Twin Clutch Pressure Plate

Tenaci 7.2mm BMW 10x35mm Spline clutch discs.

Tenaci Modular Flywheel

Tenaci Modular Flywheel

The Tenaci modular flywheel is a flywheel with replaceable friction surfaces. Not only are they replaceable but you can convert your flywheel from 184mm to 200mm & 240mm should power demand for it! 

The flywheel features a 3 tier step down which allows you to use your clutch x3 longer. When the clutch begins to slip, simply unbolt the pressure plate, rotate it to the next step down and you will have a brand new clutch again. This is particularly useful in motorsport environments when you need to make repairs fast!


Unlike conventional multiplate clutches, Tenaci utilise thicker 7.2mm clutch discs which result in a much longer service life. 

When a multiplate clutch is subject to excessive heat, their top plate actually warps and causes severe damage to the clutch resulting in a new clutch being needed. Tenaci have a freeze process on their floater discs which remove the risk of this happening!

Say good bye to broken shafts, diffs and gearboxes! The gently diaphragm spring utilised by Tenaci means it will not be harsh on your drivetrain unlike the other kits on the market. 


One of the biggest downfalls of a multi plate clutch is how hard they are to drive at low rpm and launch, not to mention how aggressive they are on the drivetrain. Tenaci have overcome this problem with their special diaphragm spring.

Rather than a super heavy on/off pedal, Tenaci clutches are designed in such a way that your clutch pedal remains soft with a great range of travel. This means, you have OEM drivability but the capability of holding big power!

This results in a better all round driving experience on the track and road. In the case of drifting, better capability to modulate your clutch pedal as demonstrated by Fredric Asbo X3 Formula Drift champion who uses Tenaci on all his cars!

Tenaci Motorsport

Tenaci are a world leading motorsport brand specialising in clutch components. Their clutches have been developed and are used today with the like of X3 Formula Drift World Champion Fredric Asbo & Multiple Drift Masters Championship drivers. If you are familiar with Drift Masters you will know it is the most demanding drift championship in the world on a cars components so it is a testament to just how good Tenaci Motorsport products are. 

Clutch spec:

Rating: 1250NM

Size: 184mm 7.25"

Style: Step

Click Here for our range of compatible discs and spares

NOTE: This Clutch is a direct replacement for PMC Gearbox Adaptor Kits using the Tilton clutch which use the 184mm Step flywheel.

Note: Clutch Drive Plates are not included in the cover assembly and are available separately. 

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