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Tilton 7.25" Twin plate Cutch Pressure Plate Cover Kit 66-302HGG (Step)

Tilton 7.25" Twin plate Cutch Pressure Plate Cover Kit 66-302HGG (Step)

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This Clutch is a direct replacement for PMC Gearbox Adaptor Kits which use the 184mm Step flywheel.

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The OT-II Range of racing clutches from Tilton are designed to offer a high level of strength and be very lightweight, all built into a compact design. Due to the "Lug" drive design, the clutch is able to run cleanly, minimizing dust build up, as well as cooler thanks to an open design that allows hot air to escape and cooler air to flow through. Unique to Tilton clutch covers are hardened steel thrust buttons which provide the pressure and floater plates a smooth and durable surface to slide against.

Tilton's sintered clutches are widely used in top levels of motorsport including NASCAR, ALMS and many other racing series throughout the world. With the detailed information and testing that these demanding environments provide, Tilton have been able to refine and hone their range of clutches to best meet the increasing demands of high level motorsport, while bringing the increase in technology to all applications right through to club level.

There is a wide range of plates and spline sizes available to suit the most popular applications.

Clutch spec:

Size: 184mm 7.25"

Diaghram: Double Grey

Ratio: High Ratio

Part Number: 66-302HGG

Note: Clutch Drive Plates are not included in the cover assembly and are available separately. 

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